SPC & WPC Installation Guide

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Before Installation

  1. Purchaser/Installer should inspect all materials for defects. Claims will only be accepted before installation. Slight color variations are standard and make the flooring look more natural.
  2. Purchaser/Installer should inspect the area and make sure it is suitable for installation. The subfloor should be dry, flat (without any humps or voids), clean, solid, and sound. The subfloor should not have any unevenness, adhesive residue, carpet staples, cracks, or holes.
  3. Humidity of the installation area should remain between 35% to 55%, with constant temperature of 68°F to 77°F, and not be exposed to direct sunlight.
  4. Concrete floors must cure at least 60 days before installation.
  5. Store the planks in the original packing horizontally, and avoid direct sunlight. Spread out the planks 48 hours prior to the installation to acclimate the environment.
  6. If installing over a radiant heating system, check with manufacturer of radiant heating system that it is compatible with the flooring, and that the temperature will not exceed 85°F. The radiant heating system needs to be at least ½” (12mm) below the subfloor installation surface, and it should not contact the flooring directly. Turn it off at least 48 hours before installation, and turn it on 48 hours after installation by increasing the temperature 5°F per day until reaching the ideal temperature.

How to Install

  1. Find a starting point. Start and end with a partial plank. Cut the tongue off the first row of planks and face the cut side toward the wall. Leave a ½” gap to allow for product expansion.
  2. Lock the second and first planks together by clicking at a 20° angle and then folding down. Then work all the way down the side of the plank, snapping it in. Fold the plank so that the short end from one plank fits on top of the next plank.
  3. The joint should be at least 6 inches when starting the second row, by using the cut end from the first row, measure and cut the first planks for second row.
  4. Insert the tongue of the second-row planks into the ones from first row. Lock the short end first.
  5. For the rest of the rows, continue above steps and remember to leave the expansion gap. A long run exceeding 30 or 40 feet or doorways in adjacent areas require a break and a T-molding, to allow for expansion.


  • Clean the floor regularly with sweeping or vacuuming. Use a vacuum without a beater bar. Use damp mop to wipe the floor. Remove excessive water after cleaning.
  • In case of excessive amounts of water, remove the water as immediately as possible. Then use a dehumidifier to reduce the humidity back to normal levels.
  • Use floor protectants to prevent things that could severely scratch your floor surface, such as pets, certain shoes, furniture, etc.
  • Avoid dirt by using walk-off mats.
  • Avoid exposing in direct sunlight. Keep temperatures under 110°F all year around

Artisan Hardwood, Inc. also honors the installation guidelines set forth by the NWFA. These are industry standards and are available by calling 1-800-422-4556.

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